Brave Shield Issue


Description of the issue:
Brave shield blocks too much things. A lot of things don’t work in Brave with shield ON but works when I turn off the Shield or if I try in google Chrome.

I love Brave. It really has a good concept. But Brave Shields needs to be improved.
Is there a way to FULLY disable Brave Shields. I want to use uBlock Origins instead.
I didn’t find the option.


It’s because Brave Shield is more than just an ad blocker – it have other protections included.

You can adjust your shield settings. Per site. Or globally.

Or report the broken site here or via Menu > Report a broken site (desktop).

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Thanks for answer.

I already tweaked the parameters of Brave Shield but it’s still blocking things.
Is there a way to completely disable it ? Globally.

You can change and disable all protections via Settings > Shields.

Can you share an example site/s? @fanboynz can help to take a look on the issue.

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What is the site you’re having issue with?

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One time with a torrent download URL (not a magnet), another time with a Google Drive download URL and on some site when I was browsing. I’m sorry I don’t have the URLs anymore…

If you come across issues, that are easily reproducible, just report them here… I can take a look, see what I can do.

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