Brave freezing after the vertical tabs update

My Brave has been freezing some time to time since the vertical tabs update. CPU usage on task manager goes up to 100%. I thought it was just my laptop but it also happens on my gaming pc at home.

Today the freezes are worse and happening more often. Brave is unusable for me right now and unfortunately have to rely on Edge if i need to do something quick at work.

I found a reddit post of someone complaining about the same thing with a few people commenting they have the same issue.

Brave Team, please look into this as soon as you can.

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I have the same issue. I’ve been using vertical tabs for a long time, but for the past week or so, Brave locks up completely. CPU goes up, though not to 100%. I’ve disabled all extensions to see if one of them started causing the problem. I’ll report back with the results.

I disabled all extensions and Brave hasn’t locked up on me since. Here is what I had enabled before:

I’ll enable them one at a time and see if I can find the culprit.

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@Sayles I’m wanting to say someone said Malwarebytes Browser Guard had been an issue. So I guess we’ll see if that is yours or if it’s something else.

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Science! I’ll report back!

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I had the same situation and didn’t install Malwarebytes Browser Guard

It appears that the MWB extension was causing my issue. I added back all extensions but that one and I haven’t had a lock up since.

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