Brave causes everything to freeze

Hi everyone,

I’ve used brave for some years now and had no problem until now.
Whenever I’m tabbed into brave all other software become extremely laggy and freeze.
I tested it with chrome and I didn’t have any problem there at all, but I want to keep using brave. I already reinstalled brave, reset the entire system, got rid of all my extensions and disabled hardware acceleration but it keeps occurring. I know it’s not hardware related so I’m not sure what the cause of this is.
Could someone help me figure out why brave causes my entire pc to freeze?


@woekwa the template you chose to delete exists for a reason. It is absolutely necessary to know what specific OS (you tagged Windows, but is it 7, 8.1, 10, 11, or what?) and exact version of Brave you’re using.

There will be other questions, but let’s start with those two basics. But if you can provide a lot more detail on what exact steps you take and what happens it might be helpful. And have you ever checked Task Manager to see what it’s showing is being used up or anything?

Sorry, I forgot to mention it
I’m currently using this brave version:
Version 1.64.113 Chromium: 123.0.6312.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)
and I’m using windows 10.

I checked my task manager and everything seems normal.

You’ll want/need to have it up and running when you say it freezes.

Btw, is the freezing random or can you easily replicate it?

I had it up while it was freezing and everything seemed normal.
the freezing is pretty easy to replicate, if I just tab onto brave my League, discord, steam, etc are constantly freezing.

@woekwa just to be clear, it’s not crashing, right? Like if you go to brave://crashes are there logs there? If so, make sure they are sent (if it says Send Now you need to click that, exit the browser completely, then return) and copy/paste the Uploaded Crash Report ID.

If you’re not seeing an increase on task manager, I’m not sure what would be happening. One would think it’s “freezing” because CPU/RAM is being used up.

I’m going to tag @Mattches on this to see if he has any insight.

There are no crashes and no increases on the task manager.

There are some graphics cards that have software that manage games/apps on the screen that treat Brave strangely sometimes but if you’re only just now seeing this issue then that is likely not the case.

Can you please confirm that if you were to, for example, boot up your PC, launch only one app (lets say Discord) and then launch Brave and tab between them, you still see Discord freezing? I’m simply wanting to ascertain that under minimal stress/workload, you still see the same issue occur.

If that is the case, I think the next test here would probably be to open a Guest Profile window (Menu --> More Tools —> Open Guest Profile), which will launch with no browser data and no extensions, close all other Brave windows other than that guest profile window, and then test again to see if your reproduce the issue then as well.

Hi, if i start only brave and another app it still freezes but less often thann normal. I also tried to open the guest profile but it still froze as normal.

I installed brave nightly and there doesn’t seem to be any problems there.
Do you know what the cause might be?

Likely means that either the issue you’re seeing is fixed in the Nightly version and/or that our tests before didn’t reveal where the issue lies.

Can you confirm whether or not when this issue occurs that Brave also freezes/crashes? Or is it just other apps?

Brave works perfectly. The issue only occurs when I’m tabbed into brave, then all other apps become laggy and start to freeze.