Brave freezes every tab when opened, is unusable, CPU maxes out

Brave is unusable on my HP laptop. Issue started suddenly this morning. Any tab opened will immediately freeze up the screen and mouse and will max out the CPU.

I am using Windows 10 and have the most recent Brave download installed.

I have tried adding -disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity to the target in the properties window and this did not fix the problem.

I have tried opening in Windows 8 compatibility mode and that made no difference. The issue is so bad, Brave settings cannot be accessed - nothing can be accessed.

I have also disabled hardware acceleration and that made no difference.

This is a sudden issue as of this morning. Brave is unsable and I will be forced to abandon the browser if the issue cannot be fixed.

Additional info: the freeze issue does not occur when browsing in a private window.

Hey, thanks for posting. I’ll let the team know to take a look.

Are you able to access brave://flags by any chance? Try seeing if changing the “Override software rendering list” helps. Either way, it sounds like you’re having trouble getting any page to load. Will ping the team and follow up with you.

If you could also send us a screenshot of your Brave Task Manager window while Brave is open it’d be helpful to show us which processes are causing this. Hit either SHIFT+ESC or go to to the Brave settings menu, “more tools” and then “Task Manager”.

Changing that setting did not help.

Upon opening Brave and navigating to a website the browser immediately locked up and CPU usage spiked. Due to Brave being completely frozen, I cannot access the Brave task manager when that happens. Also, this issue does not occur when using a private window and the issue started suddenly yesterday morning. I did not add any extensions or other programs that could be the cause of this.

Hi again Avanti – can you try upgrading to the latest build and let us know if your issues are fixed?

I am on the latest build and the issue is still not fixed. Brave even locks up and maxes out on when browsing the Brave website.

I have the same problem with my browser. I’m on Windows 10 and use the latest build of brave. The freezes are annoying. I hope there will be a fix soon.

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