Brave failing benchmark test after two runs

Description of the issue: Tab crashes after running speedometer 2-3 times (and also results get progressively worse after each run)
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Run - first time amazing results, second time already slows down quite a bit, and at the third/fourth run the tab crashes with “error 5”

Expected result: The test can be run for infinite runs on both Firefox based browsers and Safari without issues (and other Chromium based ones) - only Brave gave me this issue.

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.57.57

Additional Information: While on Safari as well the performance of the test usually degrades after each run, on Firefox the results are extremely stable. I wonder why and whether this means Firefox is a more “stable” broser.

Furthermore, before the test I always quit the browser and every other app on my base model M1 air and full screen the app to not have any other interference.

Since you’re saying it crashes, can you go to brave://crashes and share your Crash Report ID here? If it says Send Now and doesn’t have a Crash Report ID ready, click on the Send Now buttons and then close Brave for about 30 seconds. Then reopen and return to brave://crashes and it should have Crash Report ID ready. (And no, crash context is not the same thing and won’t be helpful)

Just to let you know, I tried to replicate on Brave using Windows 11 Pro. I can’t replicate either issue. It performs well and within range each time. Yes, the big number fluctuates, but you see the +/- below it, right? So is is saying the number could go lower or higher than that. So 301 -14 = 287. The worst test in my 10 attempts was 286, which is really close to its estimate.

No crash or drop in performance in my PC was noted. What this makes me think is perhaps it’s something to do with your settings. For example, some people on Linux and PC who were using NVIDIA graphics cards found that vsync, Multi-Frame Samples AA (MFAA), etc in their graphics settings were causing issues with performance. NVIDIA seems to run on Chrome and other main browsers perfectly, but they treat Brave like a different program. So you have to make modifications to exempt Brave for it to not have issues.

Not quite sure where to suggest looking or testing on your Mac. One thing I would say is to try disabling hardware acceleration, just as a test, and see what happens.

My Tests

1st test:

2nd Test









Those are great results. I wonder what are the specs of your machine?

This time I ran the test once:

Then immediately got a crash on the second run.

Here is the Crash Report ID: 624b0800-958b-a50a-0000-000000000000


Nice. I’ll tag in @Mattches for that. I’m sure he’ll check in this week and pass that on to the devs. Hopefully he may also have some ideas for you on what to check or do.

@Briskly5879 did you try toggling hardware acceleration and testing? If part of my assumption on graphics is correct, you’ll see a drop in performance (possibly) but you’ll not see the crash.

Other thing, of course, would be to check extensions. If you’re using any, try to create a new profile or run in private window (making sure no extensions are running), just to make sure no problems there.

I did, but same results apply. Though I tried opening a guest profile with no extension (and that’s by default a private window as well) and indeed it ran faster, very stable and without any crash.

Do you have any advice on how to identify which extensions make it crash and slow the browser down the most?

Didn’t know what to expect when running this test — didn’t expect a full-on light show! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

So it does appear to be getting “slower” each time I run the test — first test run was 492 (with a bunch of other tabs open) and after five or six runs, its down to around 300 or so and it looks like it’s slowly continuing to decrease.

That said, the tab never actually crashed for me — I was able to run many tests without any issue, other than the results getting progressively worse. I would wager that the crash is, as @Saoiray mentions, likely caused by an extension you have installed. I’d recommend simply un/reinstalling them one by one to find the offender.

I’ve also forwarded the crash report to the team to see if it can provide any additional information.

Thank you

Looks like the crash was related to an OOM (“out of memory”) error. I think it is likely that there is some interaction happening with the site and an extension you have installed that is causing this tab to crash.

As stated before, I’d recommend disabling all your extensions in your main profile and testing again. If you do not get the crash, then try re-enabling these extensions one at a time until a crash is produced and this will show us the offending extension.

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