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My question is about what is happening with the BAT witch are spend form a brave user to the publisher. I’m publisher and received it in my Uphold wallet directly in my local currency. So whats happened with the BAT? Are they burned? Go they back to the ecosystem?


@Shenzen if you set to receive contribution in your local currency, then when its paid out (sent from your publisher account to your Uphold account), it’ll automatically exchanged from BAT to your local currency.

Hi Eljuno

Thanks for your reply. Oh great i didnt know that i can choose between BAT and local currency payment. I think my post was a bit missunderstanding. I try to clearify it. My question was wath happens with these BAT which i receive.
It has 1’500’000’000 BAT and if i get 10 BAT for example and it is converted to my local currency were do the BAT goes? Are they burned (disappeared) then? So it has now only 1’499’999’990 circulating? Or go they back to the pool so it has still all BAT?

Just like any crypto currency, if you “cash” out BAT say for the american dollar USD, you are essentially trading in the BAT tokens for USD cash.
Meaning there still is 1.5Billion BAT available, but only 1 Billion is actually being traded/circulated and then 500M is being used as a user growth pool.

To put it simply: When you use cash (USD) to buy say 5 BAT at a market value of $0.37, You trade a total of $1.85 for 5 BAT, If BAT rises to say $1.00 a token, you can sell the BAT for $5.00. the BAT was simply traded not burned.

This principle is the same for tips/BAT earned from ads, etc.
If you get 10 BAT as a verified publisher you now own 10 BAT tokens, If you wish to “cash” out you are selling your 10 BAT back to Brave or whomever wants to buy the BAT (uphold for example) for your local currency, This means that uphold gets to keep your BAT and they pay you for the value of the BAT, still leaving 1.5b BAT total

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