Brave doesn't load many different websites or portions of it

I like Brave a lot. I like the rewards program and all, but for the first time after 3 years+ using Brave exclusevely, I’m starting to think about moving on to another browser.
There reason is that more and more, and lately, constantly, Brave doesn’t load a bunch of different websites or parts of them.
Just for one example, this: loads in any other website except Brave.
What is going on?

@fanboynz just tested on Desktop. Even with Shields off, difference on parts of site is as you see in screenshots below:

Brave (Shields off)

Firefox and Chrome:

So essentially all the location and information for events is showing blank and all the social media icons are being blocked. The rest of the site landing page all seems to be the same.

What I’m seeing;

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Interesting. I just went in with new profile, got the below:

Errors showing in Console are below, if might give any clues

Now experimenting. When I just disabled all filters, it loaded.

What’s interesting is now it loads every time with no issue, even when the filters are enabled again. Wish I could make heads or tails out of that one.

which shields option is causing it? anything in brave://adblock

Guess that’s what I was saying, it’s confusing. Originally, the site wasn’t loading properly even if I disabled Shields completely.

I had Fanboy’s Annoyances and uBlock Annoyances enabled. I turned them off and then went back to the site, at which point it loaded just perfectly.

So then I figured I’d enable them one at a time to see if the issue would return. But it didn’t. So then I cleared cookies, just in case, but the site loaded just fine with both filters still enabled.

It really makes no sense at all on my testing. Not sure if @apeniche can try a similar approach.

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