Brave won't load pages with lots of ads with Shields Up

Ah, snap. Shields down, pages like Washington Post and NY Times load. With shields up, page-load times out. Got rid of cookies and cleared cache. Uninstalled Brave and re-installed. Pages without tons of ads still load fine.

Anyone have any ideas?



Actually brave has an inbuilt ad blocker in the form of brave shield.Also there are a lot of ad category blacklisted by brave.So it might be the case that the website you are trying to load has got ads belonging to those category.Best solution would be turning off the brave shield in the websites you trust.

Thanks. I tried that but then I have pages and pages of adverts that is the reason that I use the Brave Shield in the first place.

No other solution? What good is an ad-blocker if using it denies me access to the page I am trying to look at?


I’m sorry but I don’t seem to have anymore solution.

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