Websites Not Loading Correctly?

Hi there,

Sometimes when I’m visiting websites on Brave they’re broken, glitching, or not loading correctly because I have shields enabled.

When this happens in the future if websites aren’t loading correctly should I just turn the shields down for the website entirely, or should I just click on “Allow scripts once”? Sometimes I find myself just tinkering around with the options / configurations until the website loads correctly, however I want to do so without invading my privacy.

Mind you this happens on websites I trust such as or as some examples.

Thank you for your time.

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That depends on the site and the behavior. Can you elaborate a bit on the issues you’re seeing when you visit DDG/Delta websites?

On my end, both of these sites render without issue using default Shields settings in Brave stable.

Seems like you have script blocker enabled. Script blocker can resulted in “broken” site because scripts used in the website can’t be loaded.

When I visit without Shields Up, this is how the website loads. But when I turn Shields Down the website loads correctly.

As far as I believe it was just a few things that weren’t working right, they’re not major.

I just thought Brave does everything in the background to make sure websites load correctly without users having to turn shields down / up or scripts on / off for every other website, which isn’t a bad thing and I can understand, just my confusion.

Thanks for looking into this for me as well.

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Yeah that’s what I figured. But I just wanted to make sure - is it normal that I have to turn scripts on / off sometimes depending on the website I visit? Or is it because of some configuration / setting that I have to fix on my end?

Thanks for your help on this as well.

It is normal to do this, as blocking scripts will likely break most websties you visit.

Ah okay, thanks for the clarification on this. I just wanted to make sure about this.