Cross-site cookie blocking breaks sites

When browsing in brave with Cross-Site cookies blocked, many sites fail to load properly. Some will fail to load images or other elements. Several will appear to only load HTML, without any CSS or Javascript implementation.

If I switch to block ALL cookies, then the site will appear to work fine.

Brave Version: v1.42.97
Windows 10

@hales.91 can you check if it makes a difference in private window? Or if rather than that, can you make sure to complete disable all of your extensions and see if the issue persists? I just checked out the site you shared and can’t replicate the issue as you’re reporting.

Hello Saoiray, thanks for the quick response.

I get the same result when accessing the site in a private window. This is after a fresh re-install of the brave browser, so I do not have any extensions installed.

Hmm. :thinking:

You used the term “sites” as in plural. Is this happening with all sites you’re visiting, only to particular websites, or what’s the story?

Not all, but many will, and the extent to which they fail to load can also vary.

For example, fails completely to load anything but HTML

VS Code’s website seems to load just fine.

Etsy manages to load most of the ways but completely fails to load any images.

And StackOverflow fails completely as well

Of those broken cases, they all seem to load up properly when I switch to Block All cookies.

Well, I can say at that point, it’s outside my small realm of knowledge. I always hope to be able to replicate and then figure it out by playing with settings myself. I doubt hardware acceleration would matter and other things aren’t coming to my mind right now on causes. (I’m more the Rewards type of issue focus, though attempt other areas on occasion)

@fanboynz would you happen to have any ideas?

Would test in private window mode, also disable a VPN if used. @hales.91

@fanboynz thanks for the quick reply. We’ll see if VPN but did want to show they said tested in Private window and still had issue.

So this issue has been happening on my work computer. I’ve gone home and tested it on brave on my personal computer, and these issues didn’t arise. My work has some sort of company sign on through the browser which I’m guessing is related, but i’m not sure how it would be affecting the cookie blocking in this weird manner.

I have checked all your sites and all work completely fine even with blocking all cookies, i.e blocking third party and first party cookies. All of them load HTML, CSS, and other stuff properly without any problem.

To me, it looks like the issue is limited to your browser/device.

Check your cookies in brave://settings/siteData
Check your DNS settings brave://settings/security
Check your settings brave://settings/content, particularly Images, Javascript etc

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