Brave does not show how much will I earn from my earnings this month

When it’s 1st day of every month, we see a sign that “ bat are coming in 7 days” or something. I have that sign on my android phone says “3.652 BAT is coming in 5 days” but not on my desktop it still says estimated earnings 12. BATS and it’s continue to grow with new ads. But it has to stop on some number and it has to say “ bat are coming in 5 days”. Like there isn’t going to pay anything for my desktop rewards. Not even 0.001 BAT. There is no sign of how much payment I am going to get on my desktop anybody can help ?

It may be related to this issue. If you have the latest Brave version, it may reconcile during July. I suggest leaving the browser open for long periods to be able to reconcile properly.

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Hellooo? Still nothing @Mattches @steeven @SaltyBanana

It says payouts complete but i have 3 wallets and 0 payment…

  • You created this Topic at 1:43AM PST on a Sunday (basically, Saturday night). Brave doesn’t have anyone work Brave Community on the weekends usually. On top of that, it’s Independence Day weekend. They don’t work most holidays, which means nobody working on Monday July 4 either. So be patient.

  • Rewards issues don’t get resolved by creating Topics like yours. You have three options.
    1. Create a Support Ticket at which will ensure that someone from Brave sees your issue and can fix it. You’ll just need to make sure you provide all the details they need, such as your Wallet Payment ID for each device.

    1. Just in case it’s related to the issue, you go to the Topic that @rodrige shared with you above, where you can provide extra information to Brave. This would help them figure out if there’s an issue and to fix it.

    2. Be patient and see if you receive your payment.

So whether you choose only one option or all three, that’s your recommendations. No matter what you choose, keep in mind they have only a handful of employees handling issues and there are millions of Users. Things take time and you’re not always going to get an immediate response. Not to mention, you’re not ever guaranteed a response from Brave just because you create a Post or Topic. The only guaranteed response is if you create a Support Ticket.

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Nope mate I don’t think its related to this. I checked the link you shared in that response. Thanks a lot. I will edit if something happens so all people can see.

I don’t need anything from you mr. Saoiray thanks a lot. I’ve dealt with similar issues before also so thanks I know how to. Don’t need anything from you. So please mind your own business and don’t tempt other people

Okay, good. Don’t listen to me. Then you’ll never get help. That doesn’t hurt me any.
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Btw, don’t forget that helping people is part of what I do. Hence the Community Ninja badge. Just saying…

I had issues before and I managed it with the mods. I had help before thanks. Please go someone elses topic. I am not interested in your badges. And stop being so stubborn. A lot of people probably appreciate. On reddit and some forums you don’t have a good reputation. Just sayin. Maybe you have to change your “upper language”. Thanks see ya

Hi thanks for sharing,

As stated by @Saoiray we do recommend for better evaluation of your case to submit a support ticket to our form where we can investigate further what your issue might be.

Payouts have just started processing - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!

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You’re speaking of a time in the past. See, I used to always respond to provocation. Add in how I’m on the autism spectrum and a lot of what I said came across bluntly. Obviously that wasn’t received well by some and it also resulted in some arguments. Eventually various people from Brave contacted me and that got worked out. Just as I’m being calm here, I’ve learned to hold back and try to be more polite here. In any times where people cross boundaries, I ask Brave staff to step in rather than me participate in arguments myself.

That said, I doubt you really see any negative about me in current times. I’m active on Reddit as well.

In any case, at least you were able to see a “mod” (as you put it) respond here and affirm as I’ve mentioned. In the past they used to ask people to send them a DM with information and used that as if it was a Support Ticket. However that policy changed this year and they now ask for people to fill out the form, which we linked for you. The purpose is that it allows any staff member to see and respond when available. Otherwise it was left to whoever you messaged and could sometimes “get lost.”

I do hope you revisit and realize you’ve been the one with an attitude here. I provided answers to your issues and let you know why you didn’t hear back from anyone yet, when you decided to post Hellooo? Still nothing. Then I also made sure to share what you needed to do in order to get support from Brave. No talking down, no name calling, or anything else.

Anyway, I’ll let this be my last response here for now. Hopefully you’ll have submitted that support ticket so someone from Brave can look into this for you and get it resolved.

Thanks @SaltyBanana How can I follow the current situation of my support ticket ?

@Belgarath You should get a ticket# via email. You can follow-up in email. Give them a few days to investigate and if you haven’t received any more information, ask for a status update.

I have submitted support requests from time to time and I have usually gotten a response back anywhere from 2-4 business days (in other words exclude weekend days from count). Just be patient and don’t spam support asking for status updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

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