Estimated BAT ≠ to payout BAT

My estimated BAT for July was 2.3 BAT, but I only received 1.2 BAT. You can see from the screen shot which was taken on July 7th.

Currently my mobile brave browser is version 1.26.74

My mobile browser wallet is NOT verified < 15BAT

This is my third payment I’ve received, but it’s the first time I’m bringing up this issue on the estimated rewards not matching what is paid out




Look forward to any assistance



I’m facing the same issue bro.
Estimated was around 2.79 BAT and I received only 1.5 BAT.
please provide some assistance

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It’s always been like this to me. For some reason if I gather 2.000 BAT from 1st to 30th June, I get 1.7 ou 1.8 BAT on payday. There’s some fee in the process. Maybe that’s the way it is.

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There’s many reasons for this to happen.

[Very Likely]
As ads are from start of the month to the end of the month and then there’s the whole time in between, such as, ads from 2nd to 7th of the month are not paid in the current payout, but are part of the next payout, so any BAT you got from the 2nd to today will be paid out next month.

[Very Likely]
Another reason for this is the ad tokens are not sent to brave servers, there’s a specific time that the tokens are sent to the brave servers (batched) and only they are eligible to be redeemed - this means that if for some reason you didn’t open your browser for few weeks and you had a bunch of ads waiting to be sent to the servers - they will not be eligible to be redeemed and will fall into next month’s payout.

[Very Likely]
Last thing, Estimate is exactly what it sounds like - it means that it’s a guess, based on a mathematical equation which is not perfect, based on many factors like number of users, number of ads, how much brave got for them ads and how much brave has to pay users for them ads - they then calculate the real value at the payout day.

[Unlikely and Doesn’t Explain your missing BAT]
One more thing is, Brave rounds BAT, if for example you have 1.600 Estimate, it will round it to the closest 0.250, so in this case you would get 1.500 BAT instead of 1.600.
And if you have 1.650BAT estimate, you’ll get 1.750BAT.

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where do you got this info?

mmm I guess this is supposed to be like this on the mobile version because my July payment arrived this morning and was 5.045 Bat :thinking:

@Mattches @GreenBananaPorridge, any confirmation on this?

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I’m facing the same problem too, but in desktop version. My estimated was 5 BAT since the last month day 5th, and i get 2.53 BAT this month, what doesn’t make any sense.

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If have same fee, they should insert it on calculus of estimated bat, which is not the case. I think this is a bug of Brave to calculate the estimated BAT for users.

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You can read all about the privacy in brave here:

Basically what happens is, you got a bunch of unblinded tokens, when you see an ad, you exchange an unblinded token for a blinded token and that’s then stored in your confirmations.json file(desktop).

On weekly bases all blinded tokens are sent to the server at once and reconciled - once reconciled successfully then its eligible for a payout.

Do you have auto contribute enabled? that could explain why you got 5.045 as the rest of it might have been sent to content creators based on some magically calculated value, from my experience in the past, I always got one of the following

3.00BAT, 3.250BAT, 3.500BAT, 3.750BAT or 4.00BAT and never anything such as 3.235

Sadly there is no source code available for server side to pinpoint how this is calculated but that is what I have seen happening over a long period of time using Brave - As i got few browsers that still need to claim - I can provide before and after for reference, including client side logs.

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absolutely never, I always verify the auto-contribution is disabled.

that never have been my case my current Uphold balance is 82.996xxxetc.

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