Recieving less BAT than earned

Last Month, January, I earned 1.7 BAT through ads but now when it’s showing me the payout details it says 1.5


this thing had happened for two times in a row

The same happened to me

This is the main amount below:

and today it is showing this

where did my ~5BATs gone? @steeven

I noticed that brave cuts down like 0.0005BATs for example if you have 0.413BAT then it will show 0.4125BAT , Please solve this issue

Same here :raised_hand: .
I had 0.630 estimated but now it shows 0.015 , it may show “0” at payout. It feels like a matter of luck now…

I did not received 1.25 BAT of month December said “processing in 6 days” till now.
everyone should consider turning ads off.

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Same thing Happened to me. I had earned 2.02 BAT. But the browser is showing your 1.875 BAT payout will begin in 6 days. Same issue in the mobile browser. I had more than 2 BAT in that too, but now it is showing your 1.4885 BAT

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This is normal. Your “Current earnings this month (estimated)” will increase to show your missing BAT.

Also, keep an eye out for the update v.135.xx to be released soon (due date Feb 1)- as it has a very important feature- which will correct the Ads counters.


Thanks for your reply and issue links Aman, it appears to be normal behavior (or at the very least not new) according to this post from last month Huge difference between the estimated monthly earnings and Payout BAT.

Actually wouldn’t be surprised if every month the same subject comes out and also wouldn’t be surprised lots of people get outraged (righteously) over this every month.

Hope these fixes make things clearer for all of us.


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