I see ads but not earn

Hi, I use Brave Browser on Window10.
A few days ago a notice tells me I have earned 1 BAT (my first BAT) in November!
But this sounds strange! (i not remember a notice when earn) I go to see Reward Chronology and in September and October there is no reward, for the browser I earned 1 BAT in 1 day with 1 spot.
Since this day I have seen 3 commercials and I have not earned anything. The chronology remained the same. (it shows me the latest ads I’ve seen but no increase in the BAT value)

Hello @ndbn89

we get paid at 5th of each month or a little after that day for the ads we saw for the previous month

so november payment is for ads user saw during octobar

and in the reward page brave://rewards/ there estimated bats which will be the bats you will get next payment and the other one are the one you already claimed

hope that help and have a nice day


I don’t see estimated bats :confused:
on brave://rewards/ i see that i received payment on 8th november.
9th November i received another 2 spot. But estimated payment it’s 0.000 :confused:

what do you mean by spot here

i mena advertising. Forgive misunderstanding
I saw another ad today, but the estimated payout remains at 0,000

it’s ok do not be sorry

what is your brave version

go there and send screen shoot about the version brave://settings/help

and have a nice day

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