Ads Not Showing Up on PC

I have been using Brave for months but I have not received a single ad on PC but I do get ads on my iPhone. If it matters, I live in Turkey but as I said I have no problem on iPhone.
FYI: I’ve tried the solutions advised by Brave but didn’t work.

Hi @Shazzault, thanks for reaching out!
Are you using windows 10?

What solutions are you referring to?

Hey @Aa-ron , I am using Windows 10 and I’m referring to the links below. Thanks for your attention.

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Can you try visiting the following site and forcing a push notification, then seeing if Ads start to appear afterwards?

Hey there, I solved the issue yesterday and it was a similar solution to yours. I used whatsapp web to force notifications but your website is much simpler so thanks for your attention. I can see ads without problem.

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My pleasure – glad that it got resolved :slight_smile:

Hi bro,

Please help me to fix my issue i have opens the brave rewards accounts on march still now i am not receiving any ads

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it’s happening with me too… sad

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