Brave deleted all my passwords 2024

Brave auto installed a new version today despite by blocking this, when it came back it was not in dark mode so I checked my settings for other things.

It remembered my start up page so not a total nuke, but all the privacy settings I had locked down were set to default and the worst thing is ALL my passwords were deleted.

Having read posts going back over 5 years it seems that this is a regular occurance and I suspect that there is no way to get these back?

Worst thing is I do not even remember all the sites I had password stored from, it might be an idea for Brave to export just the sites to a file that can be imported to Bookmarks toolbar at will.

My second question is a recommendation of a password manager, I have used Lastpass in the past but it adds 500mb to the ram overhead and gets worse with every new tab opened?

Can you tell us a bit more about the device and instance of Brave? You can paste version info from brave://version/ if you like. Also, you state that you have attempted to block Brave’s updates; what approach did you take to attempt this?

It is an old device but can’t afford to replace it.

I upgraded to the max it will support but these days websites or browsers take an obscene amount of memory

Win7 it said it will not do any more updates

V = 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I disabled the update service, if I had known it would bypass my setting I would have renamed the BraveUpdate.exe

Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer much support for Windows 7. It’s difficult to tell what could have happened given the variables introduced by an out-of-support operating system. Do you notice anything else missing, such as bookmarks, browsing history, extensions, etc.?

No all of the rest is intact, just passwords and settings.

I better export the bookmarks and make a screenshot of extensions.

Is there a way to recover the passwords or even the URLS of the passwords?

Any ideas of a better password manager?

The reliance on Windows 7 will continue to introduce friction, I’m afraid. Besides Brave’s internal password manager, extensions like LastPass and 1Password generally provide a good alternative. That said, these extensions may not continue to work as support for Windows 7 (now discontinued) fades further and further into the horizon. The browser itself will also become a liability, since crucial security updates are no longer being delivered.

I hear that about Win7 but it is in an isolated environment as much as it can be, I have had no issues since support was removed by Microsoft. I don’t use Admin accounts and have very secure layers of network security.

Is there any way I can get back just the URL’s of what was stored?

If you know the file name they might have been stored in I could try to recover them off the disk?

Hi Sampson, I also just lost all of my passwords randomly. Completely out of the blue. I’m on Mac (OS is Catalina) and haven’t ever had an issue with this until now. I do think Brave installed a new update this week (I have auto-update turned off, but I think I remember approving an update request fairly recently), but I haven’t made any changes to my account. I’ve installed some new software on my computer recently but it’s all normal stuff, nothing malicious.

The only thing that seems to be lost is passwords - bookmarks are still here, browsing history is still here, even autofill for some usernames is still here - but passwords are completely, 100% gone. This is ridiculous - how do I get these back?

@makenna You are doing better than me, if I had the usernames / URLS I could go to the sites and reset the password. Now I have to do this as an when I realise, but I have different emails so might not be able to confirm the account.

Now I am evaluating Lasspass and Nordpass, the free version of the latter seems very limited while Lastpass has had some data leaks.

If you install Lastpass it can sometimes pull out the passwords and usernames from your browser, if you can still see usernames and URLS there is a chance LP can pull them in.

I think I have found the cause of this problem, the updated version which it forced upon me has a change in how passwords are auto filled.

So there has definitely been new coding with regard to passwords, now a prompt comes from the top of the screen rather than near the password fields.

I would appreciate it if I could get some advice as to the folder location of the files and the names of the files so I can try to make a data recovery of deleted ones.

Even if I can only get the URL’s this would be a great help as I could set aside some dedicated time to fix this.

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