Loosing Passwords

I find that I constantly have to download a copy of a CSV file with all of my saved passwords on, because Brave password manager keeps loosing them. This happened yet again this morning ! I have my Brave software up to date and I don’t delete any cach files, I just log on and a times find they are gone.

Any further help will be appreciated.

Under which Operating System?

Hello, I have a Linux Mint Tessa (which became unsupported last year, and, I am in the process of switching to a supported Linux OS).

For the record, today is: Friday, January 19, 2024 9:52 AM

On my laptop, I too have been experiencing this repeating event where (desktop) Brave browser has lost touch with my “AUTOFILL AND PASSWORDS” (already stored in Brave under this same SETTINGS facility).

I noticed that frequently. when I updated Brave browser – which has been about once or twice each week, I believe; so, every single update of Brave, which gets a new update version … frequently – Brave loses contact and use of my Autofill and Passwords.

So then I have to look up the website Login (Formfill) data manually. And I do so by going into Brave-Settings where it still was listed. Then entered it manually into the particular web-form Login text-boxes which Brave had not automatically populated as it normally did (when “Pointer” “Focus” was on each “text-box” and the “Text Insertion” bar was also inside the “text-entry box” for the website Login entry).

So, that is: Not every single “update” but about every three or four updates I’d say (the Autofill and Passwords) was not “populating” the “Login” for websites which I use often and for which I had their Login-data already stored in Brave’s “Autofill and Passwords” utility.

Then, and for me right now, this is the most important and urgent thing which I am NEEDING HELP RIGHT NOW and really quick because I need to access a number of really-important-to-me website : Just yesterday, I downloaded (via: Linux Ubuntu Synaptic Software Manager) the latest update-version of Brave browser:

Version 1.61.116 Chromium: 120.0.6099.217 (Official Build) (64-bit)

And installed it. When I needed to Login into a website Brave “Autofill” did not “populate” the Login data. So, I immediately went and looked up “Autofill and Passwords” in Brave Settings, and I had a shock: there were only three websites showing in … (and I had another shock here, the bigger shock) … in something (brand new; never-before seen Settings Option) called “Password Manager”.

I had not seen any information from Brave fore-warning, fore-advising that “Autofill and Passwords” was being changed to a “Password Manager” – which by the way, is a good idea provided it still also did the autofill functionality of (former?) Autofill.

But, I had about sixty-something autofill Logins stored in the (deprecated? Old? Replaced?) “Autofill and Passwords” – all are now nowhere in sight, in (the new) Password Manager.

Please understand, I found that I had not kept copies of the Login-data for some very important websites and so have not been able to login into these websites since yesterday’s Brave-browser update.

Can Brave be made to somehow give me back my disappeared “passwords” and “usernames” for all the sixty-something websites which it previously had no trouble keeping stored for my use in the (deprecated, un-announced replaced) old “Autofill and Passwords” utility?

And please understand too, that I really need to have this solved – really, before the end of today (I don’t know which country you are in, likely the US … so Timezones!) if possible.

But, I am left scratching my head over why Brave tech staff did this remove “Autofill and Passwords” and replace with “Password Manager” without telling Brave users and of the danger to personal data. I’m perplexed speechless.

Besides of this … what has happened: I love Brave browser and am very thankful that you guys make such an overall great browser, and for all else good that you do.

Just help me get my usernames and passwords back out of the Brave interiors, please.

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