Installed the broswer zip file, tried adjust the DSN name, and also uploaded .txt file - can't confirm Brave Verified Creator verification

To Whom It May Concern,
My goal is to connect my website to be a “Brave Verified Creator”.
Attempting this from a Windows 10 64 bit machine - not sure if that matters any.

I’ve created an account at Uphold, created a google authentication login, spent $50 in BAT, transfer monies from Coinbase into my new Uphold wallet, installed the brave/word press zip on my server, (didn’t work), tried (attempt #2), to even change the DSN server name to TXT, and also uploaded the .txt file as well. And, after all that, I still can’t get Brave to verify my account.

Does it take 24-48 hours after uploading it to your server?
Please help as I’d like to connect this as soon as possible, have paid money, spend time/energy and at this point, I’m not sure (if) there is even anything more to try?

With Kind Regards,
John Clees

Uploading the .txt file seems to be the easier way.

I’m getting this message:

Retry Verification
Your website,, was not verified because we could not find the token in your public file. Please make sure the verification token is present in the public file

What makes even less sense is when I go to "" my site loads, and it’s there, so the text file is a) public & b) loading, and yet it still says “Retry Verification”.

I even jacked up my site tried to unzip the brave browser zip file, (which has some vague instruction, something similar to “put this inside the php file” which, by the way - (had 300 lines of code), not very specific, I crashed my site, then had to open trouble-tickets.

This onboarding to be a “Brave Verified Creator” certainly hasn’t been easy and has been extremely frustrating. I didn’t think I’d have to do all this AND pay money to hold a min of 25 BAT.

: (

Any possible input from anyone?

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