Brave crashes Everytime I click the Unverified Wallet button of UPHOLD

To the Support Team,

My Brave browser is not properly working. After I reset the settings of my Laptop and Download again Brave Browser, I cannot verified and link my UPHOLD WALLET anymore. Everytime I click the UNVERIFIED button and follow the steps, it says “Your request is still being processed, please wait”.
Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.

How to fix this error, I’ve been trying for 2 weeks now, same result.



If you are asked by Brave Support, to send them a Direct Message (“DM”) . . .

Let us say that you want to send a Direct Message to @steeven - then in a Brave Browser window, go to:


Click on the Message button - looks like:


Hello Sir,

I’ve send a direct message to the link that you gave me, it says " One of the users you are sending this message to could not be found. ."



I wrote:

If you are asked by Brave Support, to send them a Direct Message (“DM”)’

Brave Support - a member such as @steeven - may respond to your issue, HERE, and ask you to send them a DM.

You may have to wait longer than you might expect.

Lol you are posting a lot of nonsense that error means that he is in a unsupported region either Turkey Philippines or Vietnam all banned in connecting custodial wallet

Don’t dm any admin they can’t fix banned countries on their rewards system you’ll just waste your time


Brave Support will need to know your:

  • Computing device and its OS
  • Brave Browser version numbers

And, are you using the Uphold app?

Your topic title says that ‘Brave crashes’.

Does Brave Browser actually crash?

Do you use a VPN?

Take a look at:

Uphold information: How to verify your identity


Uphold Non-Supported Jurisdictions:


Uphold info at Brave Help Center:


In what region / nation, are you located?

Click the Get Geo Location Data button, at:

You might submit a request for help, at:

You will need your Wallet Payment ID, for that ticket form. In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to:

  • brave://rewards-internals/

Going to post my two cents. lol Apologize if I step on any toes!

  1. Check to see if your country still supported. As mentioned, Vietnam, Philippines, and Turkey are no longer able to connect to a custodial provider. Notices from Brave support staff posted below.

    Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability

    Wallet Connections are Temporarily Blocked in Turkey

  2. Clear history/cache, exit browser, and reopen. This works for some users.

  3. If you are in a supported country and clearing history/cache did not work then you need to submit a request using the link provided above.

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