Cannot verify wallet on Android

I cannot verify my wallet on Android 10 build QZKS30.Q4-40-95-2

I click on “verify wallet” and successfully log on to Uphold, then get redirected to the triangle settings screen.
Then, nothing.
If I click on verify wallet again, brave crashes.

Latest Brave version is installed.
1.32.106, Chromium 96.0.4664.45

Any help here?

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Is this the wrong place to ask for technical support from Brave?

I get the same issue. Are you using beta browser?
I keep clicking verify, logging in to uphold and clicking authorize and it doesn’t seem like it does anything.

If I log into my uphold account from their website and it does say that brave is connected. But the brave wallet still needs me to verify!

How do I fix this??

I got the same problem have a look here I am go though this process at the moment.

Hi welcome to Community :smiley:

You might be running into a wallet limit issue.

I dont understand why I would have a wallet limit issue its not a new device just trying to sign back into uphold wallet

It doesn’t seem Brave support responds to tech support questions.

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