Brave Crashes constantly

thank you, in this way I could change the settings and now I will see.

What a great community here!


Yes, this happens if i specify a new start page or leave it blank.

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It worked yesterday, I did it, changed the settings and Brave was working.
Today there is the same issue, starts up, crashes. Trying to open it with the terminal doesn’t work. I didn’t change anything, I just went to bed :slight_smile:
Don’t know what to do …

Hmm. I know Sync was discussed earlier in the thread, but has that been turned back on? @Mattches, any ideas?

On your Mac, go into Library > Application Support and delete the BraveSoftware folder, then empty the trash.

Try that and re-launch Brave twice (the first time should fail, the second time it should launch)

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Sync has not been re-enabled in v 1.3.115 yet. We’re still hammering out the issues and want to ensure that they are all resolved before we flip that switch back on.

You can try what @barfburglar suggested, but note that it will delete any of your browsing data along with it. Ensure that you backup anything that you don’t want to lose before performing this action.


worked. Will tell if it holds or maybe tomorrow the issue is back again … thank you!


Today it’s over again. I really don’t know why. Seems to has to do something with the BraveBrowser folder in Library>Application Support. When I delete it it starts up again. But I did import my bookmarks, if this might be important …

I found something out: When I just start Brave from the Dock, it seems to work. If I click on a link (in Mail), Brave crashes (is marked as the favorite browser). Maybe this helps.
I didn’t import my bookmarks yet, but I still get crashes. Currently the way to open Brave and not to click links seems to work (more or less)

Still having problems…Now I can open Brave browser but as soon as I try to open any link it crashes.
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3
Brave browser version
Think I will give up…

i have [Version 1.3.118 Chromium: 80.0.3987.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)] on my mac
and it is crashing ( and i did absolutely nothing , came from nowhere)

Again, for anyone here experiencing crash reports, can you please enable automatic crash reporting, or visit brave://crashes and click the Send now link to send your reports manually?

never give up, never surrender! :slight_smile:

hard to do if Brave doesn’t start up. I managed to do it, but of course all the old reports are gone when I delete the BraveSoftware Folder. Hope it helps.

bro delete your c drive n reinstall brave browser on your pc its work it

on a mac there is no c drive