Brave keeps closing on Mac

In my 2019 Mac Pro Brave just keeps closing all the time, I open it, start browsing and it closes itself, or when I open it, click on the menu bar at the top right, then hover the cursor in a menu item, it instantly closes.

I’m using the latest brave versions.
I have tried the Brave beta, and Brave nightly, exactly the same issues.
I’ve found a post here to start it with/without hardware accelaration and it should fix this issue, well, didn’t fix it for me.

I’m kinda hopeless but I love Brave, can you help me with this?

Hi @antalmate12, Welcome to Community!
So to confirm from the beginning Brave was crashing?
Does Brave not crash if you don’t hover it over a menu item?

Yes, from the very beginning, but only in my Mac, not ion my PC.
And it crashes too after I start browsing too, or just wait a few seconds in the start up screen.

Can you try going to ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default, emptying the Default folder and restarting Brave.

Maybe you’re using the old Sync?
Try re-enabling it with a new Sync Chain.