Brave keeps closing on Mac

In my 2019 Mac Pro Brave just keeps closing all the time, I open it, start browsing and it closes itself, or when I open it, click on the menu bar at the top right, then hover the cursor in a menu item, it instantly closes.

I’m using the latest brave versions.
I have tried the Brave beta, and Brave nightly, exactly the same issues.
I’ve found a post here to start it with/without hardware accelaration and it should fix this issue, well, didn’t fix it for me.

I’m kinda hopeless but I love Brave, can you help me with this?

Hi @antalmate12, Welcome to Community!
So to confirm from the beginning Brave was crashing?
Does Brave not crash if you don’t hover it over a menu item?

Yes, from the very beginning, but only in my Mac, not ion my PC.
And it crashes too after I start browsing too, or just wait a few seconds in the start up screen.

Can you try going to ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default, emptying the Default folder and restarting Brave.

Maybe you’re using the old Sync?
Try re-enabling it with a new Sync Chain.

Tried both, neither did fix my problem, it’s still the same

Do you have the accessibility keyboard enabled?

I’m also having problems getting the Brave Browser to start, specifically on my Macbook Pro (Early 2011 model running 10.13.6). I have no problems with the Release version, however I would like to get either the Beta or Nightly version working so I can implement v2 sync across all my devices. (The Mac is my problem child.)

Both the Beta and Nightly versions crash before the browser window appears. I removed everything in the Library section relating to Brave Browser prior to re-running and/or re-installing it - all without any joy.

I can provide a crash report for you if that will help. Assistance would be greatly beneficial.

Yes I had it enabled. Disabled it and my problem just got solved. Thank you!

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