Automatic crash when opening Brave

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Brave and I do love it. However, I noticed recently that the browser keeps crashing when I try to open it for the first time after starting my Macbook Pro (OS Sierra).

Steps of the event are the following:

  1. I open it for the first time after starting the laptop;
  2. Brave opens and tries to load the last opened pages then bugs and crashes.
  3. I then get the possibility to reopen it (or ignore or report to Apple). When trying to reopen it, it just crashes again instantly, displays an error message for about half a second disappears.
  4. I need to force quitting and reopen it again to have it working.

New session is fully empty (no pre-existing page has been kept).

Has it already occurred to someone?
Is there a fix?
Where can I potentially find error messages in the history and where can I send it?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Does that mean you can partially make it work?
Then please copy
in your URL bar, press Enter and manually send all reports to the Brave developers if they haven’t already been sent automatically.

This will find the bug and fix it with a new update.


Thanks for the tip and for your help. I just did send those reports. Now, let’s wait and see.

Have a nice day!

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