Brave crashed, lost all my tabs and groups, ignored 'restore' so, tabs and me gone

I note this has happened to others. I have lost all my tabs and the groups I organised for them. I work from home - I need these every day. I followed bizare instructions to press on a tab in history (??? on a laptop???) to achieve what you should have - bulk opening. Like others I have concluded you have ignored some coding. I had around 50 tabs open - OF COURSE I use old fashioned bookmarks but many tabs for for transient reasons which is why in settings i invoked open tabs from last session.I set up groups or categories which I prefer to bookmarks BUT you have no way to restore the groups either. NB Chrome and Firefox do crash but I can restore these using history. Like others I will never ever risk your browser nor use it unless forced to . I will also warn others. This is a coding issue and I will now not contemplate a vpn I was seriously considering using.

I’ve noticed this problem has also gotten worse. In the past, I had the workaround using Task Manager or Logging Out/Restarting the computer to preserve my tabs since pressing X on the top-right would always remove them. However, now it doesn’t matter how I close it. If it crashes, I open it up to no tabs. Log out? Opens to no tabs. Task Manager? Tabs gone. Can’t even use the usual history thing to reopen tabs.

So yeah, it’s really bad. I would like to see this fixed too.