Cant Restore Groups from history

Hey All!
firstly I went into the old cases but they were all closed, and I seen no answers under the cases

I’ve just lost 5 groups and 60 tabs of research- it is a lot of work so your helo would be great!

Q1. How can I restore my groups?

Q2. How can i avoid this in future- do I have to use bookmarks?

Thank you

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Hello @Ben1969, thank you for reaching us out. Could you please provide us with more information? What kind of device and OS do you have? If on Android mobile you can keep your tabs or group of tabs open. If you want to save them permanently also you can back up them as bookmarks so in case the Browser crashes or restarts you will keep them handy. Hope it helps. Regards.

Hello Jarc!
thank you so much for trying to help! It means a lot!

im on windows 10


I replied to myself in this thread duh!
I’m on windows ten

Hello @Ben1969, sorry the system did not notify until the second reply. For this specific issue, please read the following article:

Hope it helps. Regards.

thank you jarc!

that is a solution, however I am just going to switch to bookmarks :slight_smile:

That sounds good. If you require further assistance let us know. Regards.

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