Configure Browser to not ask the user to restore all pages, just restore them by default - Browser crashed two times in a row and all tabs lost

For the past year, I have been using Brave. One thing I loved about it is tabs that I had saved open for that entire year were still open and pinned in the left side. Brave NEVER lost any tabs. Chrome would crash and sometimes I would lose the ability to restore the tabs. With Brave, that NEVER happened… until just now…

Even Yandex, a browser based out of Russia that I also started using a year ago, has NEVER lost any tabs…

What changed about Brave is when the old browser was abandoned for the new Brave, it started to ask “Do you want to restore the tabs” instead of just restoring them. Well, when the browser loaded and then immediately crashed, it didn’t ask the second time if I wanted to restore the tabs. As a result, the second load of the browser meant no reopened tabs. That frankly sucks.

So I think the developers have two options to resolve this and make the browser tab restore feature more robust:

  1. Add in a setting to automatically restore tabs so we aren’t prompted to restore if we don’t want to be prompted. (If browser crashes right after loading, the tabs are loaded and will again be restored the second time). Note that the previous Brave would just auto-load the tabs… it just worked…

  2. Make it so that the History saves the last few sessions so we have an opportunity to restore closed tabs if we accidentally decline the little popup.

If it happens again, I may move to Yandex entirely… After a year of not losing any tabs… ever… I am not willing to go back to the old ways…

Let me know if I can provide any additional information to help get this fixed. I appreciate the work everyone is doing on this browser. Let’s make these features solid.


Yes I’m fed up of Brave constantly losing my previous pinned tabs and other opened tabs for no reason - sometimes it’s a crash, others because I rebooted and didn’t close Brave first, occasionally because there was a separate window still open. At least with Chrome the history would include them as a single click restore these tabs, but that’s nowhere to be seen with Brave as far as I can tell.

I am a relatively new Brave user and am having a similar issue. I luckily haven’t had Brave crash yet (although it does sometimes cause my screen to freak out) but I am unable to close the browser without losing all my tabs. Sometimes when I reopen the browser my pinned tabs and all the tabs I left open are still there. Most of the time though they are not and I just see the New Tab page even though I have the settings set to “Continue where you left off.” When I go into my history it says there is no recent history.
I am on Version 0.66.99 Chromium: 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Even with Chrome, my tabs would still not always reload. I took that as the norm, until I experienced Yandex and the old Brave…

Can one of the engineers reply on this issue. I just rebooted my computer, and in the background behind all of the open windows I had was Brave, with the “Do you want to restore the tabs” dialogue.

Because I’m at work and wanted to free the memory, I almost closed the browser without clicking “OK”, which would have meant lost tabs again. Instead, I clicked “OK” so the tabs would open before closing the browser…

It would be great to hear the timeline on getting this resolved and working as it did in the old Brave…

Thank you,

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No one has replied to this, but I think the engineers already fixed the issue! Two days ago, I noticed when the browser reopened, I did not need to click the popup, and all of the tabs reopened instantly.

I must say I am incredibly impressed at the level of responsiveness. Of the two issues I reported, both have been fixed right away.

Thank you Brave Team!


Okay, so it seemed like the change has been rolled back. The popup window asking me if I want to restore pages is back again, and I assume that, if the browser crashes again before I can click “Okay”, then I lose all my tabs.

Can we please either please stop asking, or make it a configurable option? If people don’t want their tabs to restore, there is an option in the settings where they can tell the browser to only open the new tab page when the browser starts.

Hi jmort253,

I use OneTab at for tabs.