Brave Loses All Tabs Irretrievably

I have been a loyal Brave user since you came out, and support your Mission fervently. But you have LOST ALL OF MY TABS IRRETRIEVABLY FOR THE VERY LAST TIME!

I have Brave on 7 or 8 devices, but will begin replacing it on all of them immediately. This periodic ‘Crash & Lose’, which has victimized me half a dozen times, is grossly unacceptable! NO OTHER BROWSER HAS EVER DONE THIS to me since 1995. I am not going to put up with this toxic, crappy coding another day. WTF is Wrong with your people?

This error has been reported by dozens (if not Thousands) of users, for SEVERAL YEARS NOW, and you haven’t been bothered to fix it.

Hello @PressToDigitate, thank you for reaching us out. Please provide us with the following information in order for us to help you with your issue:

  • What were you doing when you lost the tabs?
  • How many tabs did you have open?
  • Did you close/quit the browser when losing these tabs or did the browser crash?
  • What kind of device and OS do you use?
  • Have you updated to the most recent version?
  • Do the lost tabs show up in History or Recent Tabs (both of these options are available from the main menu)?
  • I was closing other apps at the time.
    Probably about 50, which is usual for me.
    No, it stayed open - even despite repeated attempts to close it.
    Quad Core AMD, Running Windows10
    Yes, Brave is Current 1.48.171 Chromium: 110.0.5481.177 Official; 64 bit
    No, none of them appears in either, or my OneTab (which should be built in and automatic).

I’ve seen many other people raise this issue before on various forums; the topic always disappears without resolution. It is difficult to imagine a more catastrophic failure than this bug, or why it hasn’t been made the #1 Priority of the Brave development team, long since. It has been reported for YEARS.

Thank you for addressing the issue.

Hello again @PressToDigitate, these 50+ tabs should be preset in History , Have you tried pressing Crtl + Shift + T to open recent tabs?

Yes, and no, they didn’t show up in History anywhere. THERE IS A HOLE IN YOUR CODE. IT HAS GONE UNADDRESSED FOR YEARS, with silly excuses like that being offered to anyone who reports it - and then you close the tickets, every damn time. FIND THE GLITCH!

@PressToDigitate Just out of curiosity, have you never thought to bookmark your tabs? To create a tab group that it would save? Or do you just randomly open all tabs and never think to do anything to save them? (Sincerely asking as wondering if this would help?)

Have you submitted crash reports and reach out to Brave on it? brave://crashes show when yours crash and if they look, might be able to find out why.

Weird, because tend to show up for me, such as you can see on the screenshot below. It shows where all tabs had been. Then if I mouseover, can click on Restore Window and it will open it with all of them. I do know some people with poor performance can see delays or even have crashes when trying to restore them, but usually shows.

Only issue I knew of that existed before was when someone with crappy computer was using. Open tabs were using memory and they’d end up with it crashing because their PC couldn’t keep up.

What they have done is gone to brave://flags and enable the ones below:

From there, you’ll get setting you can change, which is shown below:

This helps reduce issues of high usage of your memory, which likely is what has been causing your crashes.

This same issue you’re talking about has been a Chrome/Chromium issue for a while. It’s part of why they recently have been adding things, such as I shared with you above. You can even see article sharing a bit about Chrome’s introduction of it at

Saoiray: I use both Marvellous Suspender and OneTab relentlessly, and so most of the tabs were “rested” to conserve RAM, but that didn’t stop Brave from losing them altogether, as many other users have reported over recent years, in closed complaint posts with no resolution. They don’t even remain with the Suspender mnemonic address. OneTab is great, when used (although that crashed once, catastrophically, as well). Yes, I know they are supposed to be kept in History, but when this crash happens, they never are. Both Marv Suspender and OneTab functionality should be built-in as the Default for Brave, with additional redundancies to prevent tab loss. For every one of us who has raised this complaint over the years, there are undoubtedly hundreds (or thousands) who just quit Brave completely out of frustration over this, and have never spoken up. But even the many complaints you’ve had should have been sufficient to make this the Top #1 Priority for Brave Developers, long before now. Glitches don’t get any worse than this in browserdom. It could deliver my Social Security number to every address in IPv6 space, and still cause me less headache than all the lost tabs have over the years, on multiple computers running Brave.

@Mattches while this is seeming to be more of a complaint rather than a request for help, I wanted to tag you in just in case might have any ideas or able to pass it along to the devs for something to look into (if not already being worked on). As OP mentioned, I know I’ve seen similar complaints in the past…I’m just too lazy to look for similar topics to link for reference at the moment.

Just know they end up with Brave crashing, I’m assuming based on issue with memory usage. Then the crash wipes all the memory from active session, which means tabs don’t appear in History or anything. So can’t reopen what they had in the session. I know workaround would be as I suggested, which is creating tab groups and/or bookmark which would “save” what they have in the “worst case” scenario like that. But I guess would be trying to find out better solution in the long run.

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I’d like to note that if that session was saved, it would be saved in the menu that @Saoiray shows above (Menu --> History) as opposed to Settings --> History.

Additionally, if the browser did indeed crash, you should be seeing a crash report in brave://crashes — can you please share the crash report ID with me here?

Damn all this navel gazing, IT JUST HAPPENED AGAIN!
Your problems with system memory loading should never come into the user’s awareness for any reason - much less as a Catastrophic Failure. The package should have routines to just handle it, internally, behind the scenes. Get Creative. Tab sanctity needs to be made inviolate. There should be no possible circumstance in which this ever happens. Its called “Fail-Safe”. Most users, trying an Alt Browser, won’t bother to report this when it happens; they’ll just switch back to Chrome, Edge or Firefox - or to DDG, Opera, PaleMoon, SeaMonkey, Avast, etc. and you’ll never even know it.

A commercial venture would Elevate & Expedite this as a “Make or Break” critical issue, with “All Hands on Deck” to fix the Emergency, at all costs. Brave appears to have chosen to disregard this problem for YEARS now.
Customers like me who report it get no resolution, then the issue just drops off the board and goes away, unresolved. In the archives, you will find numerous previous alerts to this by users who, like me, really WANT to love and use Brave.

Convincing users to remember to “save their sessions” is not an answer. It should be done for them automatically. Don’t tell me that they aren’t for security reasons; it already DOES save the tabs - normally, when it works right. You just need to rejigger it so that that happens before a session goes “tits up” and vaporizes the user’s work online.

in 19 days you never responded. How about that crash report? Fixing issues necessitates them discovering it. If they can’t replicate the problem themselves, then they have to rely on the people experiencing the issue to submit information and cooperate to discover the cause and roll out a fix.

I was closing apps.
Not sure, but probalby 30 or so tabs were open.
Not sure if I closed it or it crashed spontaneously, but when I rebooted, all were Gone.
Quad Core system 8GB Ram, running Win10
Yes, Brave is current.
No, when this happens, they are totally gone from everywhere.

Other times, this has usually happened with a sudden crash.

Its obviously some kind of memory usage error. I think they used to call it “Stack Overflow”, back in the day.
Chrome is horrendous at memory management. It leaks and builds up and bogs down the system. Brave needs to be the exact opposite.

Imagine the marketing value of being able to say that “Brave is Bulletproof - It will NEVER lose your work”…

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