Brave crashed nothing opens

Every brave site crashed nothing is opening nothing mean nothing not even settings is opening.
Please let me know what to do I’m a student it wastes so much of my time.

It has happened after the update but since I haven’t updated my android Brave version it’s still working but not my pc but I didn’t confirmly say it’s due to update or not
But I afraid to update android version if it’s too stop working.
Please have a quick update on it.



First, check if working in a private window. Open Brave then hold simultaneouly CTRL+SHIFT+N.


Thank but before performing your suggestion it already fixed earlier I have tried 3 -4 times closing and reopening but didn’t worked anyways
Thanks for quick response

Possibly try a new Brave profile, or see if it’s reproducible in a different Brave build (brave beta or Nightly) @Ayush

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