Can't launch brave

Hi, I use Windows 10, when I wanted to launch my brave navigator, I see it loading and try to launch but not opened whereas it’s fine on my phone… I can’t see the app in the tasks… I don’t want to loose my favorites, and if possible, I would like to restore my windows that were opened. thks

@lasbabas ,

Click on the link:

thanks for the answer. I can’t even open my Brave navigator, so I can’t see nothing. It seems that a window wants open but close immediately in less than 1 second. I didn’t make any changes from yesterday. I’m not able with flags, the target is not valid.
I see in the folder that you mentionned some files: attachments, reports, metadata, setting.dat but I’m a novice and not very easy to manipulate.

@lasbabas ,

Click on the link in my previous reply, and report your efforts to “steeven”, who is the author.

Read what he asks / says. Scroll up and down the page, reading.

I’m lost, I don’t know where to look, I don’t see Steven…

@lasbabas ,

Click on the link. Participate, there.

Also read what “Mattches” asks / says.

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