Over the last 3 weeks I am seeing more site incompatibilities with Brave Browser

About 3 weeks ago Brave started having problems with the Kickstarter website when looking at projects I have backed. The categories “Campaign”, “Updates”, “Comments” show “We’re having trouble loading updates right now.”

Yesterday, I went to Omaha Steaks to make an order and I could not get to login screen. Using DuckDuckGo browser I could get the login screen which shows from the right side of the browser.

Today I went to DTE Energy site to check my electric bill and could not get to login screen.

I have checked Brave version and am on the latest available.

Version 1.56.11 Chromium: 115.0.5790.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have removed Brave and re-installed, no difference.

What’s going on?? I have used Brave for over a year now and it has worked perfectly. Now I am seeing more and more issues!. Why???

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Today, Kickstarter website is again working.

I’ve noticed similar issues with two sites. On one, it will not remember me and I’m constantly having to get a ‘security code’ in text to log in.

The second is a social site - Reddit. On reddit it has continually said I have ‘chats’ available when there are none. I’ve updated to current and things remain the same.

The other 2 sites are also now working; DTE-Energy and Omaha Steaks.

@Marvinator2003 @rew452
Just a FYI, I was seeing this increased issue across sites as well. Originally I thought it was a Brave issue but it occurred on Chrome and Edge as well, so definitely was a Chromium issue or something crazy going on with the internet.

I just want to make sure, are you still having issues? It seems to have resolved on my end.

Yes. Reddit still shows I have a chat, when there is none, and the other site still sends a confirmation code every time I log in.

I had the same issue. I used old.reddit.com to view that notification which was causing this and it was finally fixed. So, try it once.

An excellent idea, which seems to have cleared the issue.

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