Brave browser won't produce any sound (Isn't Muted)

When going to any site on the Brave Browser including Youtube, Spotify, game websites, and Discord, no sound is produced. Its definitely not my computer or headset because if I launch the Spotify or Discord app I can hear sound. I also checked if the website was muted and it wasn’t. I looked through settings but couldn’t find something that correlated to what I saw happening. There isn’t much else to it but if anyone could help explain the problem to me it would be awesome. Thanks for reading this,

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Hi @StayFrosty, welcome to Community!

Can you create a new profile and let us know if you’re still experiencing sound issues. Be sure to close the window for your other profile when testing the audio.

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@Aa-ron I created a new profile and unfortunately it still hasn’t been fixed.

Thank you @StayFrosty,
I’ve got a few things for you to check out/test:

Do you have Chrome on your computer that you can test the audio on?

Can you try going to your sound settings:
windows settings --> sound --> advanced sound options --> app volume and device preferences, and adjust the settings for Brave.

Lastly, can you try downloading the Brave Beta and test audio there?


:open_mouth: Ty, I had to go to advanced sound options and change sound from 0 - 100. The only concern I have is why that happened but thanks so much!