Brave Browser VPN

Yes. But each browser counts towards the 4 device limit. However the device limit should be lifted very soon.

make it four installing Dev too :sweat_smile:


I currently have all 3 versions of Android 11 and 2 versions of Windows 11 linked.

5 devices linked to uphold.

I think the Dev version is the same as the Beta version.

It’s not, they’re just not promoting it anymore since its releases are aligned with Beta.

But you can still install it directly, preferably ‘BraveBrowserStandaloneDevSetup.exe’:

Thank you

I’m going to install it

There is “Brave Browser Dev” for Android?

I haven’t linked my uphold wallet to anything else…just for brave I created uphold acc. So for now my uphold wallet is linked with just one browser…so if I will link other 2 browser it will be ok. .but my question think I linked all 3 of my brave browser to uphold wallet and then if I decide to unlink one browser just to uninstall that one browser…so there will be 2 browser connected right? Or it will count that browser even after unlinked it?

It’s been said the 4 devices linking limit will be extinguished anytime today (May 25) so keep checking.

If you have 3 connected devices and…

If you disconnect 1 browser/device for “Brave/Uphold” you still have 3 devices connected.

You must send a Wallet Unlink Request to Brave Support. They will unlink your device/browser and notify you by email after a few months.

After this your connected devices will be 2 browsers/devices

Simply using Brave VPN (or any VPN) is typically not enough to have your wallet flagged. We do our beset to make sure VPN services work along side Brave Ads. That said, the system is not always perfect and some services and/or circumstances have been known to cause issues. In general, users should use their VPNs normally. If you suspect it is affecting ads delivery, please reach out to support

For devices not connected yet, I send the collected BAT to my Brave Creators account.

And my Brave Creator account is connected to Uphold.

Thanks @Mattches

But I prefer to avoid using VPN+Brave

When I need to enable a VPN service, I will use another browser


Please do not self-tip your own account. This will get your Creators account flagged.


Well, I will unlink it to avoid problems


You can Disconect it

But, for Brave/Uphold you will still be connected.

You must send a “Wallet Unlink Request” for a real disconnect.

here you can send a Wallet Unlink Request

Thank you so much :slight_smile: I will contact you if I need any help.

Then why a lot of users blocked including me? All users has the same message in logs and you are not fixing it.

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