Brave VPN for Brave browser

Brave is awesome, I have been using it for months now and I love it. You know what would be better thou? Adding a VPN feature into the browser.
I know that I can achieve the same using extensions/plugins but I’ll never know which one would be the safest to use and so this would be helpful.

It is beta. Will be available by June/July on desktop and android. They already have one on iOS. It costs around $10 monthly.

If you need free one then use ProtonVPN.

If you need paid one, then use Proton, Mullvad, IPVN. Do not use VPN extension, use native VPN applications on your desktop.

The brave VPN will not be free. They are making it to connect ot brave rewards. So that you can pay for the VPN with your ‘free’ BAT.

Ah, if the mode of payment is BAT, then I am fine with it. Thanks for letting me know!
Is Proton VPN safe thou?