Can I use vpn in android brave browser

Can I use VPN in Brave Browser for Android

Brave Version:1.28.106

Mobile Device details: Android 10 , Realme narzo

You can use VPN for small amount of times like 30-60 mins.

@ItzMeRajat Can you explain how can I do it?
fees of that process ? (if available as free of cost please say that too)

There is no inbuilt VPN in Brave Browser (yet), you have to use an external VPN.

Since you are on android, I recommend you Turbo VPN since I have been using it for last 3-4 years and it has no issues.
It has a free version or a paid version. If you need fast speed get the paid version, but for me the free version is good enough.

what you think about this search result

I have been using it for a while now. And I don’t seem to have any problem though.

Do look for some videos over on YouTube to find the best VPN just to be sure that you have the best one.
I just use VPN to access websites that aren’t available in my country and not for privacy so that doesn’t really matter to me.


ProtonVPN seems to work fairly well for me, if you go the free route, there are Servers in fewer locations and speed may not be as high, but it’s easy to use. I’ve had no problems.

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But if you want any paid VPNs I found out that Express VPN is pretty good.

I am using their 7-Day Trial right now and the speed is very good.

I think as mentioned by @Jervin protonmail and Hotspot Shield Free VPN are best choices

It depends on what you want TBH.

If you need a free VPN, ProtonVPN does look like the best VPN, but if you do want to spend some money, I think Express VPN is your best choice.

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ProtonVPN has a free option, but you have the choice of being a paid customer. You can choose many more servers in many countries, which is frequently the point of getting a VPN provider.

No, what I meant was that the paid version of ExpressVPN is better than the paid version of ProtonVPN…

Cool, I’ve never used ExpressVPN and I have a paid version of ProtonVPN. Good to know though.

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