Brave Browser with VPN in Android?

is there any problem using brave browser in Android with nord vpn on?
Will i get ads?

If you are using it just to get more ads i recommended not to use it. You can get banned from server side and then you are not going to receive ads.

Also, if you are receiving ads using VPN propably is due to a leak of some type on your connection (ip, webrtc, dns…). When connecting to brave servers they check your region with a previous record they keep, if this don’t match you shouldn’t receive ads, if this behavior is detected several times very frecuently you get banned.

If you need it for work, yes you can use it, there is no problem, nothing says you can not, but be aware of what i alredy said.

Thanks for your reply.

I want to use it for some other app, but in between i need to use browser for sometime. so, if i am using browser then there will be any issue with that?

I don’t think so, but to be sure check if the app has tunelling configuration, some vpn apps have that feature (sometimes under other name). With this you can filter what apps would be routed throught vpn. You can exclude brave from this list and add any other you want.

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