Country restrictions, so can we tip to our website or youtube instead?

Hello to admins and other users, as Philippines we’re banned back this January 2022 due to countless malicious activities made by my countrymen. We’re blacklisted and prohibited to verify our browser anymore but in my scenario I got verified long time ago and still receive my payments even after the ban. Today, I tried to reconnect but obviously it was denied (see the photos). So, I read the ban announcement again and notice that we can still tip our favorite creators then it came to my mind that can we tip our own websites/youtube channels instead? It’s a bit clever or I don’t know. I’d like to ask if it’s possible to do though?

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Self-tipping is discouraged and can (will) get your account flagged and/or banned. There have been several discussion topics posted about this and you can search the community (and Brave reddit) if you want more detail. I posted links to “the short answer” from recent posts below.

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just so we’re clear here, self-tipping your own Creator account will result in the account being banned.

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Please do not self-tip your own account. This will get your Creators account flagged.

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If you mean you tipped yourself, then self-tipping is discouraged and your account is probably flagged. Flagged accounts cannot receive rewards. You should be getting an email from Brave informing you that your account was suspended and telling you what to do next.

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that’s what BAT is for. That being said, if that Creator is you , this will result in your Creator account being flagged as self-tipping is not allowed.

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Thanks for the information, I didn’t know about that rule though. I’ll keep it in mind then.

Well, unless you have gone through the Creators articles in Brave Help Center, you probably wouldn’t. Even there, Brave doesn’t specifically address self-tipping in detail. From reading various posts within Brave Community and on reddit, I think one of the reasons they don’t allow is because users were abusing BAT Grants.

You are welcome. and take care! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here man, idk where to put my rewards

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