Brave Browser VPN

If I use/enable Brave VPN Brave Rewards can Flag me?

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@cmam I strongly advise you not to use VPN in Brave; You run the risk of being flagged later. If you are forced to use VPN, use it in a another browser such as Chrome.

Hi @CerealLover

But I´m talking about the Built-In Brave Browser VPN on Android Stable Version.

look at the image


@cmam If it is a built-in VPN, I presume you can use it.
I use Android and I dont have it; Is it new?

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Yes maybe it’s new feature. I also don’t have it.

It is installed in IOS mobile, I think.

It is New

In this version…

You can download it in Apk mirror

Strange, the release per Brave GitHub issue report is for 1.39.x. So probably this Wednesday? It was in Beta only before. Not sure why it is appearing in 1.39.111… Desktop scheduled for 1.39.x release too.

Implement Brave VPN on Android #12197

Implement Brave VPN on Desktop #15804

I have installed the 3 versions of Android

…and this feature only appears in the stable version

It is very strange that it was not previously in the Beta and Nightly versions

In any case, I still have doubts
If I enable the VPN they will flag me…???

@steeven @Mattches help pls

VPN is not free

There are some FAQs here,on%20every%20app%20you%20use.

When you’re using 3 brave browser you’re getting 3 different Rewards?


On same device? And please mention if you’re android user or not

In the same cel Phone
Android 11 user

In Windows 11 too

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Can I connect my only uphold wallet to all three brave browser? And will it work?

As far as using a vpn, if you use it normally and do not region hop, you run a very low risk of being flagged. This is per Brave Moderators.

Yes. But each browser counts towards the 4 device limit. However the device limit should be lifted very soon.

make it four installing Dev too :sweat_smile:


I currently have all 3 versions of Android 11 and 2 versions of Windows 11 linked.

5 devices linked to uphold.