Android Brave app has vpn in its name

Do i have correct app on my android ?
It has VPN listed in its name.
I do not want the Brave VPN.

Brave VPN is a package which already comes within the browser. Yes, you are free to use any other VPN and brave would work just fine!

Is shields up vpn related ?
What are recommended advanced settings
On shields up ?

Nope. Shields is essentially the in - built adblocker.

nothing as such.

@Mags The one you are referencing sounds like it’s the official app. I’m assuming you mean

Just so you know, Brave comes with a lot of features built into it. For example:

  • VPN = This is built in, but not active. You have to turn it on and pay for it if you wish to use the VPN. But at least all functionality is there if you want it and it would increase your privacy.

  • Shields = This is built-in adblock which blocks ads and restricts tracking cookies and all. This is active by default and is free to use. You can make all sorts of adjustments based on how strict you want it to be.

  • Playlist = This is built-in and free to use. Playlist allows you to save videos to watch later, even permitting you to download the videos to watch offline. (I forget if this is on normal Brave or just on Nightly now, but if not on Release yet it will be before long)

  • Brave Wallet = Optional to use. Allows you to buy, send, and receive cryptocurrency and store it in the browser as a crypto wallet. Free to use and requires you to activate it and create a password if you want to use it.

  • Brave Rewards = Free to use and only on if you activate it. This allows you to opt into ad notifications and all. If you connect to a custodial partner like Uphold or ZebPay, you will be able to earn BAT for the ads you view (if your country is supported). Otherwise viewing ads won’t earn you anything but will earn BAT for the creators of various websites you visit, so long as they have signed up as a Creator. Again, this is built into Brave and fully optional for you to use.

These are the primary things, but plenty more things by Brave and a lot of things in the works.

Btw, you may want to check out some things at PSA: Current FAQ

One of the things listed there is What are the best settings for Shields? which may answer the question you’re asking here.

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