What if someone accidentally used VPN on brave?

Description of the issue:
From the past few months, brave app in my android phone isn’t showing ads how it should be. But i thought may be the app has some bugs and my desktop was working fine so didn’t concentrated much on this issue. But recently I had a thought that i frequently use VPN on my phone and my default browser is also brave. So may be I’m facing this ads issue because I used VPN (but honestly it wasn’t any trick for more ads or something, it was for genuine use and I didn’t even know initially that brave ads work for a particular region). So now what can I do to get myself unblocked (if I’m) from brave’s ads?

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.27.111, Chromium 92.0.4515.131

Mobile Device details Android 9;

Additional Information: Although I do get notification ads but in very less frequency.
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Hey @chirag_soni_07 !

Which VPN do you use?

As long as you are seeing ads and being rewarded for them, there should be no issue.


I was wondering the same thing (considering iOS has one built in), but iOS doesn’t get rewards anymore… F.


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Turbo VPN.
Well, that is the issue only that I’m not seeing any background ads. And notification ads are also less frequent now. @GreenBananaPorridge

Hello ??? @mattches @steeven @GreenBananaPorridge

It’s unlikely that the one-time use of a VPN got your account flagged – not impossible but unlikely. It’s more likely to do with the other thread you opened here, where I am talking with the team about now to confirm the expected behavior.

Thank you very much, but one more point, I never said I used vpn only once. I might have used it several times (but not for getting more ads or something). So now is it possible that I get flagged? But I think when you flag someone they should not be able to watch even a single ad, but in my case I’m getting ads but the frequency is less compared to my desktop.

:point_up: This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the system. The type and frequency of ads you receive at any given time/period is expected to vary. Please read our documentation before requesting support so that you understand what is and is not expected of the Ads system:

Less frequency and ads that are not in my region.

That is due to a separate issue which we are addressing in a different thread.

I am going to close this thread now because there isn’t really a support request here. We are working on ways to ensure that users connected to VPN connections are not flagged. If you are still seeing ads (whether from your region or not), then you are not flagged. The frequency of ads that appear will vary over time and is no cause for alarm.