Android device not able to use VPN?

Google Pixel 3a XL


I purchased the VPN on my desktop and by enabling flags I was able to get it to work on Windows.

However, when logging into my Android I see that there is an issue enabling the flag, because I installed Brave outside of Google play is it possible for me to even use it on my device?

When you click on the three vertical dots in android, in the toolbar → there should be an option of Brave vpn there.

Thanks for the reply, however the Brave VPN option is not displayed on my version, even after resetting and even after a fresh install, see screenshots–

Is your Brave updated to the latest version?

What OS are you on? Android?

Hi @AndrewBondar

Could you follow these steps here:

  1. Launch Brave on your mobile device
  2. In Brave, navigate to Settings → Brave Firewall + VPN
  3. Tap the Link purchase to your Brave account option on this page
  4. You will then be redirected to – tap Connect my subscription now to add your existing subscription to your Brave account. Do make sure that you used the same email address as your

If that does not work, you can try the below:

  1. Launch Brave on your mobile device
  2. Visit and log in to
  3. On your account page, tap Plans
  4. Swipe down and find the Brave Firewall + VPN plan
  5. Tap on the Refresh Brave VPN button

Yes, I am on LineageOS for Android. I am not connected to Google services, so after so searching I discovered that my device does not have the right flags, as seen in the screenshot below:

Hello, thanks for the help. My Brave browser is up to date, but I am not connected to Google services. After some searching I discovered that my device/OS (Android, LineageOS) does not have the right flags, so the VPN doesn’t show up as an option in Brave (see images). When I log into my Brave account, it says I’m good to go, but I think the privacy-based OS I use is preventing my phone from accessing the Google API required for the VPN to work…