Brave browser taking a long time to load during startup

Brave browser is taking a long time to start up for me, especially in incognito mode. Accessing both the main and incognito browser takes some time to start up, with the incognito browser taking up to 22 seconds to launch. During then, the incognito page will be blank and I can only see the search bar and the purple accents of the incognito page at the top where the tabs are. Sometimes the page will be unresponsive. I disabled my extensions (Dark Reader, Google Translate, Malwarebytes Browser Guard, Video Downloader professional and Video DownloadHelper) and it significantly improved, but it still took 7 seconds to launch the incognito page. As of now, the main page doesn’t take as much time for the incognito browser to launch, I estimate around 5 seconds for the main page to launch but after disabling the extensions, there was no delay. It’s just the incognito page. Some things to note are that this has been happening since the 4th of February and I only installed Video Downloader professional and Video DownloadHelper earlier today.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Brave browser

Image of incognito browser loading:

This has been happening since Friday (4th February 2022). There were issues like this before then but it wasn’t as bad as it is now.

Currently using Windows 11 (updated yesterday) and running v1.35.100 of Brave.

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