I'm being stolen by brave browser

Hello, I want my money from the browser, I was with 5,169 BAT, around, now I have 3700, I would complete 25000 BAT to withdraw, this money is rightfully mine, I use the browser and see the ads, nothing is free. I urgently request that the browser clarify this situation, otherwise I will go to court.

Yo dude 25.000 BAT isn’t required anymore to get your Wallet Verified.

Download the Uphold App on your Phone create an account and get it verified by submitting all the Required Documents.
Then just connect that account to your Browser.

And as for the BATs that were decreased, it was decreased from “Estimated BATs Right?” If so, then its because of the new update and it shall be paid out in the upcoming month.

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i have the same issue … this are cheater

Hello, I created a new upload wallet and even so my 19,540 BAT were not transferred to the wallet, I thought it reached 25 thousand BAT, I would transfer it, but apparently the BAT ended up disappearing, without log, living blind eye it is impossible to trust a browser brave, I just want my money, which is by right, otherwise I will have to go to court for moral damages and not clarify your changes.

SO WHAT SHOULD WE DO ? the support dont answer

Friend, they’re robbing us, they take it out, don’t explain the reason, I can’t link my browser balance to the upload wallet, I’m going to court, it’s a crime! They will have to be responsible under Brazilian law, even on the rate of currency appreciation, the profits are not shared with us, but the losses are! They take our money and invest and don’t reward us for it, or if reward isn’t the minimum necessary.

Dude, read my previous post.

And its not 25 thousand BAT, its 25 BATs, maybe you guys use “,” Instead of “.”

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Hi @walace, it looks like this is tied to Update: New and improved “Estimated pending rewards” (Brave Ads earnings) counter coming in v1.27.

Can you DM me the email linked to your Uphold? Thank you!


Heyo, you didn’t DM him…

Everyone can see your message.
Click on the Profile, then click on his username and select the “Message” button and then send the details

i don’t know if its that same but i haven’t received any bats 3 months now. last time i got bats were in April. A few days ago my estimated bats were showing 1.065 bats but now its zero and in my wallets, it still shows 0.250 bats since April. This issue is happening in my PC version of brave but the mobile version is working just fine.

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