No Sound(audio streaming) from various sites

Ihave no sounds on various sites incl youtube, anime streaming sites ( No sound issue o other browsers. I have reinstalled, reset and defaulted browser settings. Please advise

either brave://settings/content/sound is the issue or Brave is not configured correctly with Windows mixer.
Type sndvol.exe in run (Win+r) or terminal to access it and see if Brave is even in the list.

The browser does what you and your system tells it to go, especially when it comes to sound, it doesn’t have a mind on its own to reject playing audio or anything, it doesn’t even know the page has a video with audio, it will only reproduce it because that’s what it was programmed to do by the many APIs and all that.
On windows, the browser acts as a single output, unless websites have a setting to specify an output, that means, if it is not properly configured in Windows mixer, then it will not play any audio.
Sometimes Windows changes default output device when unplugging and plugging devices, so you should be careful about that.

For that you can just go to mmsys.cpl or I think right clicking the volume and go to the sound settings should be enough, and that way, make sure your device is properly set as default, you know, there is the one for default sound and communications as well,

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Thank you Emi, Problem was in the vol mixer. I didnt otice it became brave wasnt running when i checked. Truelly apreciate the help.Big Up!

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