Issue with playback device

Hello there, well i have issue with brave browser it doesnt recognize my playback device. So i cant see it on the volume mixer i tried everything from the side of the user but it seems it’s brave “issue”. Well to be more specific i use my amp as playback device since im musician so it’s better for me to listen my instrument and sometimes i use backing tracks from web. But since i cant even listen sounds from web it’s a big turn off for me.

Whenever i use the default playback speaker everything is ok, i really liked this browser but if i cant have sounds it’s a no for me (sadly).

OS:windows 7 64bit

Solutions i tried:
1)Internet Options : play sounds in webpages is enabled
2)playback device (i currently use): advanced settings allow applications to take exclusive control of this device (my amp).
3) latest flash player is installed.
4)I restared the windows audio,endpoint builder
5)I restarted the computer after installation (duh XD)
6)Sites that i use i made sure are not muted from brave option.

P.S my setup is working with other browsers.

Thanks in advance.

Flash doesn’t work in BRAVE.

It doesn’t matter if you ALLOW FLASH or UNBLOCK FLASH in settings.

It simply doesn’t work.

I do not recommend BRAVE.

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