Brave Crashing Immediately After Startup

Description of the issue:
I can open the browser for 1-2 seconds before it crashes. No command line flags are helping fix anything, and I have attempted every fix suggested on the forum for this issue, including reinstalling Brave as well as disabling all my extensions.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I do not know how it was caused to begin with. Brave was working fine earlier today and when I came home from work it was busted.

Expected result:
For Brave to work.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Most recent, as I reinstalled less than 20 minutes ago in an attempt to fix my issue.

Additional Information:
Can provide .dmp crash reports for further analysis.

@basednii I see you mentioned Windows. With you saying only 1-2 seconds before it crashes, I suppose this might not be possible, but think you can attempt to go to brave://crashes and check if you have something there. If you do, make sure they are submitted and then provide the crash report ID here. If it crashes too soon for you to do that, then guess can move on to other methods. But it’s ideal if it can somehow manage, lol.

Of course, if unable, I know you mentioned the .dmp reports. I’ll leave it to Mattches or whoever might contact you from Support to get those, if they need it. Kind of trying to aim for the idea of making sure to do a clean install with no extensions or anything, just in case they are the culprit.

Not to repeat what I’ve already said, but have you attempted by removing the extensions? The emphasis on this is because I’ve seen cases where people had disabled extensions but they still had issues. It wasn’t until the extension was completely removed that there was any progress. It’s rare that it happens, but it stays on my mind since it’s been observed. So just trying to get clarification and see if you have tested.

Did you try disabling any antivirus, internet security, or firewall that you might have on your device? Believe it or not, some versions of these have been known to try to stop Brave from opening, which results in crashes or the illusion thereof.

Silly question, but have you restarted your computer?

Keep in mind new version of Brave released earlier today. So it’s possible new update could be clashing with extensions or any additional programs (such as firewall or antivirus) on your computer.

Thanks for the quick response. Still experiencing the issue today.

I am unable to keep the window open for very long but I managed to quickly hit Send on one of the crashes, and screenshotted the error report code, attached below.
For ease, here is the ID: 70dc0100-cefb-e309-0000-000000000000
As for the .dmp files, I am ready if I am contacted by support.

I have not, is there a way I can remove all extensions without being able to open the browser/without access to the Extensions page?

Did not consider this, fair point. Will attempt now and report back.

Yes, multiple times. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s just a compatibility issue with the new update and an extension I have.

This is also affecting me, and I can provide dmp files if needed. Brave opens momentarily then crashes immediately.

@Mattches or @SaltyBanana should be able to follow-up in a bit. Just be advised it’s Friday. So if they don’t manage to come back with any ideas today, it’ll be a few days before they get back, as Support isn’t typically active over the weekend.

@basednii, @Balthos,
Can you both tell me what version of Windows you’re using at this time? @basednii thank you for the crash report — I’m pinging some devs to take a look at this now. @Balthos if you can get crash reports as well that would be very helpful.

Hope to have more information soon.

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Appreciate you looking into this! I have Windows 10 Pro, Version 22H2.


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Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 22H2
Installed on ‎9/‎5/‎2020
OS build 19045.2728
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0

How do I send you crash reports?

@Saoiray mentions this in a previous reply:

Sorry, tried but I’m not fast enough on the draw.

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:thinking: same thing happens to me… Brave crashes when I start reading the Brave News. I recommend turning off brave news and restarting browser. that failure has about 2 weeks to happen

If anyone experiencing this is able to send/grab the crash report ID (as instructed above) it would be very helpful.

Same issue as OP, brave freezes within seconds after startup. Can’t use my browser since Friday :frowning:
Manged to grab crash report id

|Uploaded Crash Report ID:|1bbc0400-cefb-e309-0000-000000000000|
|Upload Time:|Sunday, April 9, 2023 at 1:02:29 PM|

Edit: Just noticed it’s a crash report from earlier issue and there are no entries related to this issue.

Is there a way to disable Brave News without opening the browser? It seems like as soon as it loads, the browser crashes out, but it isn’t open long enough for me to navigate to brave://flags

Got it!

Crash from Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 12:03:54 PM


Another one, c73330200-6efb-ec09-0000-000000000000, today at 10:25:38 after updating to latest release.

Brave Nightly runs without issue, but I can’t move my passwords / info over so not terribly useful.

Just touching base to see if there’s been any updates from the devs?

Reaching out to the devs again now to see if I can get more info — apologies for the long wait time on this I know it is frustrating.

Also @Balthos — you can export your passwords manually and import them into other browsers including Brave Nightly. Menu --> Settings --> Autofill --> Passwords --> three dots icon --> Export:

Hey Mattches! So, I have maybe 1 to 2 seconds when the browser starts to navigate through any pages or settings information before the browser crashes. I was hoping that there might be a way to take a file from, like, appdata, and put it in the Brave Nightly folder and thus load the passwords that way.

I would try copy/pasting your entire user data profile folder from the stable build into your Nightly build:

  1. On your machine, visit C:\Users\[Your user name]\App Data\Local\Brave Browser\Brave-Software\User data\
  2. Copy the Default folder here, which contains your user data (note that if you’ve created a separate browser profile that you use, look for the folder with that profile name instead)
  3. Now go back to ~\App Data\Local\Brave Software and go to the Brave-Browser-Nightly directory
  4. Paste/replace the Default folder you copied earlier with the one located here — ensure that the browser is completely closed before attempting this step
  5. Launch Nightly

You should have all your browsing data in Nightly now. Please let me know if this works for you.