Brave crashing instantly/ not launching

So eventhough everything was fine yesterday night, when i started up my laptop i couldn’t launch brave (any other browser worked). I tried disabling gpu, sync, changing brave.exe name etc. but it all didn’t work.

I installed brave beta and copy pasted my user date from brave in to beta. when i checked extensions on beta there were three extensions (i had on brave) that needed to be fixed. i think those extensions are causing problem to brave not launching and crashing immeditaly. i am not certain tho.

if those extensions are causing the problem, is there a way to remove those from brave folders somewhere? since i can not launch brave itself.

Brave Version:

@browsercrash before going any further, I want to ask you to check for most recent update. They launched a patch today to resolve issues with Brave crashing on Windows.

It’s launching fine right now.

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