Brave Browser freezes completely on launch

Description of the issue: When I open the browser, the entire window freezes. I am unable to close it, change tabs, anything at all. The freeze happens literally a second into opening the browser.

Brave Version( check About Brave): I cannot open the browser long enough to check, but it should be the most recent version.

Additional Information: I have tried reinstalling the browser, the issue persists. I have no installed anything new, it worked just fine just an hour ago, I do not know what caused this. I have tried installing Nightly, which works fine. When I tried copying my Brave Browser user data to Nightly, the issue started appearing there as well! The issue must be with some setting I have enabled or an extension or something, but I do not know how to check :frowning:

No crash happens when I open Brave, so I do not seem to have anything in my crash report folder. I just have to force quit the app to close the window. I do not know what other information I can provide. I wish I could close tabs or delete extensions one by one and check what causes this, but unless there is a way without opening the browser, I cannot do it because it freezes immediately. Killing individual processes in Task Manager does nothing. I also have tried to open a Private Window to see if I can quickly access settings this way, but that window freezes as well. Closing the window by clicking X does nothing, I only can close the window if I forcequit through Task Manager.

Please help. I will provide any information necessary. This is honestly a nightmare, especially if I am not able to restore my passwords since I am unable to open the browser long enough to access settings and password export option :frowning:

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This was happening to me as well yesterday. Started around 12 hours ago. It would freeze a few seconds after opening. Downloading a newer version partly fixed it after some time so at least it no longer freezes, but it is still extremely slow compared to how it was 24 hours ago. I tried cleaning cache and it did not help. Removing all extensions didn’t help either.

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Thanks for reporting. Can you confirm your Brave version and OS? Did this begin after updating the browser after yesterday’s release?

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Brave version is, my OS is Windows 11.

I do not remember updating it yesterday or installing anything new, but maybe it auto-updated? Last that it functioned correctly was about 6 hours ago, I closed the browser, turned off laptop; - once I got home and turned it back on, Brave stopped working.

This is exactly my issue. My Brave started to run very slowly the other day with constant hanging, now it freezes on application launch and I can’t access any of the features.

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing, but it doesn’t fix the issue.

Brave Version, Windows 11.

I do not remember updating it, but it could be that the browser updated while I was at work, then I closed the window / turned off laptop; - when I turned it back on, the browser stopped working. Either way, reinstalling does not help, so the newest version still has the issue.

Sorry if I end up double posting, my previous reply has been hidden by the spam bot for more than 12 hours now.

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UPDATE - I’ve found if I just open Brave and leave it, after about 10 minutes, it works (I’m posting this comment on Brave). It’s still massively inconvenient, but at least I can access my browser / passwords, and just copy everything over to Firefox.

After this I’m done with Brave.

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Thank you, this worked for me as well! :grinning: Hopefully I learn my lessons about making more frequent backups or using a password manager now lmao

Still, is there a more permanent solution that does not involve waiting for the browser to finally work? I wonder if it is some sort of memory leak problem? @steeven

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This also happened for me as well about 24 hours ago. There was no indication of an ‘update’ notice. I restarted Brave due to an extension (DownThemAll) was hanging on its Manager screen unable to pull up its list of completed downloads. I uninstalled the extension and reinstalled it to resolve the hang. Upon closing Brave, I verified it was indeed closed in Task Manager and spotted a 32-bit Brave executable running separately. I killed the process believing it was the Update check. Brave restarted and immediately results in a blank page with Non-Responding message. No response to I/O input. Wait 5 minutes, Brave returns to operational state and load completes. This is my experience. I suspect there is an extension incompatible to a possible updated version of Brave. I’ve began disabling extensions to detect which is causing excessive CPU load as well. HTH the developers. PS. I also noticed the Download notice has switched from being on the bottom of the screen to a drop-down icon at the upper right hand corner. It displays erratically as well. I prefer to get back the bottom bar instead. How do I get that to return?

This is version v1.50.114 running on Win 10 Pro 22H2.

It does seem to be a conflicting extension! On my side it was Foxified, which allows you to use extensions meant for Firefox. Though I still do not know what exactly the conflict is, but I do not mind removing it, so problem solved for now.

I have this issue also, (latest version of brave, windows 10). in addition to all this, the desktop icon for brave disappears

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