Brave freeze when opened

Every time I open brave, brave freezes and I can’t do anything for about 7-8 seconds and I have a pretty good specs on pc. It has to do something with the last update, because previously I didn’t have this problem.

When it’s opened then I don’t have any other freezes.

I’m using [Version 1.7.98 Chromium: 81.0.4044.113]


Follow the instruction here and send the log dump to the email. Hopefully with more users reporting this, we’ll get a fix soon.


Thanks for help:

Yeah I get an error. I hope developers will fix this problem.


YES! The exact same thing is happening to me. Immediately upon load, Brave crashes.

The same thing happens to me. The issue started in the beginning of the year I think. At first the browser became slower by open new windows or scrolling down a page. Then the starting time, opening the browser got longer and longer. Now, it’s freezing completely. When I click on the browser which is still loading at start, it says, it’s unresponsive. After waiting until it has finished loading, the browser is frozen completely. I have to shut it down with the task manager. The thing is, in the task manager the div. brave windows seem still to run. I tried re installment already, no difference. I tried a older version. seems better at first (it takes a lot of time for the first start )but it updates automatically to the newer vision and that’s it… I was using brave for a long time now but it’s unusable for me now… Sometimes the whole window is even black! GPU was using a lot of CPU and after disabling it, no difference either…

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The same thing for me, on macOS Catalina.
Tried to reinstall, got no effect.

Same thing happens to me.

Its been happening for weeks now.

One thing ive noticed, is that since this freeze issue, ive received no ads to gain BAT. Could be related?

Ive even tried turning off rewards and restarting the browser, but no change,

Is there any update from the Devs on this?

This could be related to Hardware Acceleration but it’s hard to tell. For anyone still experincing this issue, can you tell me:

  1. Does turning off Hardware Acceleration make any difference?
  2. Do you have Sync enabled at this time?
  3. Can you try creating a new profile and seeing if you get the same freeze when launching the new profile (Menu --> Create profile)

Hi. Thank you for the reply.

  1. I tried turned off Hardware acceleration and it didn’t make any difference.
  2. Previously I have enabled sync but I think it was temporarly removed because of bug or something. Either way brave://sync doesn’t work anyomere
  3. I create new profile and when I start brave I don’t have the lag because I’m on my second profile. When I switch to my main profile I get 10 second lag (as usual). So there has to be some problem somewhere with my main account. When I was testing this hardware acceleration was turned off.

Like I said before this happens only when I open brave for the first time so it doesn’t bother me much because I have it opened all the time.

I’m gonna do some experiments and try to find what is causing this problem. disabling all extensions, brave rewards, and other stuffs. If I find anything I’ll report.

I think it had to do something with the brave sync. And I don’t know how to turn off that feature because it was removed . That was the only difference between profile 1 and profile 2

Can you try clearing your browsing data in your main profile? Whatever “bad data” is floating around in there is likely the cause of the browser hanging on launch.

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You were right. I cleared history, cookies, cached images and hosted app data and it solved this problem. I don’t know why that would cause the problem. Anyway it’s fixed now :smiley:

Thank you!!!