Brave freezes completely after 5-10 minutes

Out of nowhere, Brave has started freezing completely, after 5-10 minutes of usage.

I.e. the screen completely freezes and doesn’t respond to CTRL + W or ALT + F4, only way to terminate it is through Task Manager.

This is getting tiring.

@nora8008 First off, really need the basic information the template requests of you but you chose to delete and not answer. I’ll go ahead and phrase down below along with some additional questions. Please answer them all if you need help.

  • Which version of Windows are you using?

  • Which version of Brave? (Don’t just say “the latest” but provide specific version number)

  • Have you tried using Brave in Private Window or Guest Window? If not, please do so and advise if the issue happens or resolves.

  • From the time you open the browser until it freezes, how much time usually passes? Do you do anything in particular? (such as load videos, go to website, etc?)

  • If you go to brave://crashes do you see any logs there? If so, please make sure they are sent and provide the latest crash report ID.

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