Brave Browser feels slower than Chrome and Edge

Recently I feel like Brave browser is getting slower than Chrome and Edge. It’s using more RAM than before. Web page loading time has increased significantly. Does anyone feel like this? I think a little bit optimization is needed.

Negative. Overall my browser is still fast. I’ve opened Chrome and used it on various sites and Brave is able to navigate to and load content faster.

On Windows or Linux, you can Shift + Escape to open up Brave’s Task manager which will show you what is being used by your browser, if you were unaware. It will look something like below:

What I’d consider if that you check what filters you’re using for your adblock, knowing ideally you should have Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List active. If you have more than that, it can slow things down.

Also, should be running as few extensions as possible. If you are using extensions, you may want to test on a Private Window to see if you notice a change. If so, then likely an extension is your problem.

Lastly, it would be good to notice if there’s any particular websites or content that you’re noticing issues with.

There was a slight delay on the site (from the screenshot), async-hide, , stay) makes it more responsive